Catalonia´s DOs

Catalonia´s DOs

What is a DO and where are they?

When a product is successfully received by its buyers, there is a strong need to name it after its place of birth.
A Denomination of Origin not only guarantees its geographical source but also, that it comes from a grape variety in particular whilst keeping its quality by adhering to strict guidelines in the wine making and ageing processes.
Spanish wines are split into DO´s which include the 11 Catalan Denominations of Origin, located at the north-east of Spain. The variety of flavours is enormous. It is great news if wanting to try them all, as such wide selection of alternatives are located within a relatively small area. Its diverse terroirs are the key for these good wines´ flavours, aromas and remarkable high quality.

Spanish Wine Catalonias DO

Mariana MieryTeran

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