San Francisco air quality

California fires still uncontrolled

Breathing conditions in CaliforniaAs strong gusts of wind keeps hitting California, the 22 wild fires continue raging and with no rainfall in the near future, the chance to be under control at the moment, is slim.

Breathing conditions will harm people far away from wineries’ flames’. Reports in all California areas, state ash is fallen like snow and that smoke is affecting the air quality of the State.

Burned vineyardsSome wineries have been fortunate and not been touched by the fire, but several in the area of Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Mendocino, Butte, Nevada and Orange have not been so lucky.

Wine reserves at each wine cellar have been destroyed and this will affect the future supply. Esther Mobley (wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle) states that “By no means is anyone trying to equate the loss of wine to the loss of lives and homes”.


The toll is too early to tell, but in the meantime, this is an updated list of affected wineries.




We sincerely hope the fires are under control and extinguished soon. We know these families and businesses face a tremendous challenges ahead and hope for as quick as possible recovery.