Catalan Vermut

Catalan vermouth

What a refreshing drink Vermouth is!

“Nothing compared to the sour Campari-like red drink of the 80´s, as I remember.”

VermutFent el vermut” means to have vermouth as an appetizer in Catalonia, a particularly popular summer fashion.  Vermouth comes in white, rose or black varieties which tend to be served with an ice cube, anchovy flavoured olives and an orange slice. It is usually served during the day as aperitif not just in old bodegas or taverns, but also in bars, chiringuitos (beach bars) and at home in the terrace.

Catalan VermutCatalan vermouth is a sweet herb and cinnamon flavour beverage, similar to the mulled wine aroma, and it can be diluted slightly with sifón, (carbonated water or soda) which generally comes in quirky glass bottles sometimes covered by a retro colour plastic holder.

“Vermouth is a must-drink whilst your stay in Barcelona – enjoy!”