Classic Penedes

Classic Penedès is born!

This is a newly created sparkling wine brand. It intends to differentiate the Penedès region organic double-fermentation sparkling wine to other sparkling wines and cava produced in other areas of Spain.Catalan vineyards

Albet i Noya winery

Customer awareness and habits of consumption are changing and leaning towards a more organic and biodynamic wine. Some Penedès wine cellars fulfil this market´s needs and focus on a more responsible and kind to the environment wine production, taking out all chemicals and pesticides out of the equation.

Albet i Noya wine cellarAlbet i Noya wine cellarThe first organic wine produced in Spain came from the Penedès wine region; an area leader in commitment and ecological wine production. 177 wine cellars take part in the program and 55 have already received the ecological seal of approval. Amongst the wine cellars already producing Classic Penedès, there is Albet I Noya, a 3rd generation family run wine cellar, we collaborate very closely with in our Montserrat  trip and Make your own cava experience.

According to the Regulatory Council, the aim is that all sparkling wine produced within the DO Penedès region becomes ecologic by the 2017.

“The Penedès Wine cellars taking part in this project are moving in this direction motivated by the mutual benefit of the market and the land.”

One of the best things to do in Barcelona is tasting Classic Penedès & Cava:

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