Sitges in Barcelona

Destination: Barcelona. The best things to do!

Sitges streetsIt’s time to start looking for a destination to go on vacation this summer and although there may be a list of places you have always wanted to go and visit, there are some are just too far or too inconvenient to get there.

Some destinations in contrast, remain being a favourite due to its assured sunshine, exquisite cuisine and located a hop away, which is the case of Barcelona. A beautiful city and perfect for a year round destination, especially as it remains linked to most main airports throughout the year and with so much to offer to enjoy its culture, gastronomy to live and stroll like a local during your visit.

Tips of the best things to do in Barcelona:

Barcelona food

Barcelona offers a wide array of culinary experiences to be had at each of its local markets and vast number of restaurants and Michelin starred restaurants. There are cultural sites to explore like

Sailing tour in Barcelona

Barcelona’s sunny weather is also one of the city’s main charms, its glorious location right by the Med Sea and warm sea breeze, makes it both a perfect beach escape and city break in one. It is an important cruise ship Mediterranean base and its littoral is dotted with ports and marinas where to depart from, for a private yacht sailing tour to discover the sights and Barcelona’s skyline.

Depending on the duration of the stay, visitors remain in Barcelona’s center or adventure out of the city to discover its amazing surroundings. Barcelona is a perfect destination to visit with friends, as a couple or a family, but also as solo. A lot of the sites and tours, are focused on single travelers who can join groups.

Hopefully, you will make Barcelona this year, but if you don’t manage, don’t despair, it will remain accessible for the following year, exactly as it has been for the last 2,000 years since Roman times.