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Wine tasting in Barcelona

Wine tasting in Barcelona

Wine tasting in Barcelona is becoming one of the best things to do in Barcelona.

There are so many places to go and see, that sometimes we forget that there are many things to “do and experience”, rather than just go and visit.

Out of all the amazing places you can go, wine tasting in Barcelona is a must! There are 12 Designations of Origin and more than 300 wineries in Catalonia alone, and loads of them are open for visits and tastes onsite.

Going to a winery is not just a visit to a place where you see and taste, it is learning about its beginnings, its philosophy and its passion reflected inside each of the bottles they produce. We love visiting family-run wineries where the emphasis is making the best possible organic wine in the region. Some of these wineries in Barcelona’s wine country have the highest certifications and produce award winning wines.

Harvest by hand

A winery visit usually involves having access to different places of the winery itself, walking by its vineyards, the stainless steel zone (or kitchen), the cellar with bottles or barrels and the tasting room.  You walk by the each of these areas, as the professional of the winery explains to you the history of the winery which may go back to generations.

Sometimes, you may see staff attending the vineyards, pruning vines or harvesting the grapes. Other times, you may see them filling up stainless steel vats or cement eggs. This is when you realize that you are having access to a working wine cellar, where a task is always taking place.

Wine tasting in Barcelona

The end of the winery visit is celebrated with a wine taste at the tasting room, which tends to be standing up as you are served a glass of wine at a time, of usually 2 or more wines, beginning with white and ends with reds.

Purchasing wine is not the wineries aim, however, it is very likely that those wines would be really hard to find back at home. So, purchasing boxes of wine can easily be shipped home for a fee.

Remember to go on a wine tasting in Barcelona when you come and visit the city. It will be unforgettable!

Be authentic, be real, be premium!