Cast Mil coses que faria per tu

Mil coses que faria per tu

Winenium as sponsor in movie Premiere “Mil coses que faria per tu”

Winenium and Cava BerthaPeter Vives and WineniumWe were thrilled to sponsor, together with Cava Bertha and FooMarked, the movie premier of “Mil coses que faria per tu” (A thousand things I´d do for you) in Barcelona this past Thursday June 1st. We offered a cava tasting to all 1,200 attendees, who were delighted by its flavour.

Cava Bertha in movie premiereIt is not the standard love-comedy, it is surreal with plenty of action involving thieves, money launderers and the police, fit to entertain the whole family.

It is a joint Catalan Alhena production and Valencian Dacsa production, counting also with Spanish and Catalan TV support.

A very entertaining movie spoken both in Catalan version and in Spanish version. It is the 1st time actor Peter Vives exploits its comic side with a marvellous result.

We wish a great success to this fantastic movie which promotes the Catalan language within the cinema world.