Montserrat Vineyards

Montserrat Vineyards

The mountain of Montserrat is considered as the most important mountain of Catalonia, Spain. It is located about 50 km south west from Barcelona and can be reached either by train or by car, so a Montserrat day trip during a stay in Barcelona is a must, as to get to know one of the most interesting and unique places in the world, and so close to Barcelona!

Montserrat Mountain’s peculiar shape with a magical radiant halo sitting on its top, fills this giant rock with an air of mystery. This area was a river delta 50 million years ago, and as it dragged on materials to the Mediterranean Sea, these materials accumulated and compacted on the ground. Then, geological movements and continental tectonic plates activity, gave way to a rise of the Montserrat Mountain, noting that its current shape is more recent as it has been shaped by years of wind and rain erosion.

Montserrat monastery is perched on this mountain. It was founded in 1025 AD and since then, it has become a religious place of pilgrimage visited by thousands every year. According to the legend, a black virgin known as “La Moreneta”, was found there by young shepherds, in the year 880 AD inside a small cave (Santa Cova), which is now located inside the monastery and she is Catalonia’s patron saint.

There are 80 Benedictine monks living in the monastery quarters. One of its sections is where the Escolanía, the oldest children’s choir in Europe live, singing every day following a tradition of hundreds of years. The monastery has one of the most important libraries in Spain holding more than 300,000 books. It is also famous for its museum, where art from old Egypt and painters like Caravggio, Picaso and Dalí.

Located between Montserrat Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, we find the largest wine region in Catalonia, the DO Penedès appellation which wine tradition dates back to Roman times. Its privileged location, protected from the wintry winds of the Pyrenees by Montserrat at the north, it makes for a great climate and micro-climates, its varieties of landscapes and soil, the Penedès wine region is a perfect location for wine and cava making as you can discover with our tour in Montserrat. It is split in High, Mid and Low Penedès marked by altitude and rain accumulation, where high is closer to Montserrat with frequent rains, whilst the low area has more direct influence from the Mediterranean Sea.

Nearby to Montserrat we find the DO Pla de Bages appellation, a zone of temperate climate with high temperature oscillations and strong winds, which benefits a variety of micro-climates to produce fresh wines, with a great capacity for getting older.

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