Must grape juice

Must, grape juice

Have you ever heard of must, the beverage?

Must for kidsMust is the squeezed grape juice awaiting to be turned into wine and which may still have seeds and skins; although both seeds and skins tend to be removed straight away to avoid bitterness taste.

This fresh grape juice is the first stage of the wine making process after squeezing the grapes and prior to fermentation.

There is also another use for must as some of it may also be kept for later use as wine sweetener. The word must means young wine and comes from the Latin vinum mustum. In harvest season a festivity takes place where the first must of the season is drunk to celebrate healthy growth of the grapes.

Wine cellar in winterWine cellar in winterThe next step in wine making process is to ferment the must which usually is very rich and concentrated, requiring to rest under a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks to turn the must into wine.

“This week, we visited Alta Alella wine cellar. It was an early call, so rather than enjoying a wine taste, we decided to have a refreshing and delicious must. This cellar organise wine culture events aimed at families; events such as the Restless Grape (El Raim Inquiet) where grapes, wine, must mix with a wine story.”

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