Organic wine

The organic wine market is expanding.

Wine cellars and wine companies are focusing their wine making efforts in producing organic wine and ecological wine, as an answer to the increasing demand for these types of wine.

Organic wine cellarSpanish wine production offers more than 1000 different organic wines, making it one of the widest selection world wide.

According to the Vinum Nature guide, Catalonia produces almost half of the entire Spanish production, as proved on the Barcelona Organic Wine fair.

The German fair of Mundus VINI Biofach presents every year, international awards to the best organic wines. The board is an independent jury composed by more than 50 oenologists, sommeliers and journalists.

This fair is the most coveted affair within the Catalan wines, highlighting the quality of several wine cellars like Albet i Noya, which has recently received 3 gold medals for the Martí Reserve 2007, La Milana 2009 and Lignum red 2011.Cava & Sitges

The Torres Group was also honoured with gold and silver medals for the white Habitat, red Habitat red and Shiraz wine.

The Jean Leon wine cellar, also part of the Torres Group won a gold medal for their Jean Leon 3055 Merlot Petit Verdot 2012 as well as a Vinari Award for their organic red wine.

The most essential organic wine making steps to observe and be careful with, is the grape pick up and its hygiene.

Brandy & wine tastingEcological wine making starts in the vineyard picking up the certified ecological grapes. It is done preferably by hand and during the night, keeping low temperature avoiding sudden temperature changes in the grape when they are laid in 12 to 14 kilogram boxes.

The procedure starts when the grape ferments with its own yeast and it occurs spontaneously becoming a sulphite free wine or a low sulphite wine. It is essential to practice strict hygiene throughout the entire process, as wine cannot be manoeuvred or fixed chemically.

“We believe the hard work and patience taken to produce this wine, is worth it. It benefits the land, the grape and the taste!”

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