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Pre-phylloxera Canaries wine

Phylloxera is a bug which devastated vineyards and wine production in Europe and the world in the early 1800´s with exception of very few places on earth including the pre-phylloxera Canaries Islands, Spain.


Bodegas RubiconBodega Bermejo

Spanish wine production in these volcanic isles is still a hand made process with a demanding and labour intensive harvest.

Some of the islands plant their vineyards in the standard “T” shape on terraces. However Lanzarote plant their vines deep within the soil and are allowed to grow over the surface. Each plant is placed inside a hand made crater covered by a layer of picón (powdered black lava) to keep moisture circled by a stone wall to protect them from the wind.  The landscape is a moon-like scene which belongs to a sci-fi film.

Lanzarote vineyards

Lanzarote Vineyards

We sampled Tajinaste from Tenerife in La Orotava and reds from La Gomera and exquisite dry white wines from Lanzarote made from Malvasia grapes, including Bermejo, El Grifo and Bodegas Rubicon.

“There are several others, as well as red wine in some of the other islands like La Gomera. However, we found this grape to be the most rounded of all – fantastic, fresh and quite unique taste!”